A CHINESE restaurant has been shut down on public health grounds by Borough of Poole inspectors.

Environmental and consumer protection officers investigated Real China, at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, after receiving a number of complaints from concerned diners.

Their investigation uncovered dirty food preparation and storage areas, a kitchen in ‘poor structural condition’ and items of substandard food equipment being used.

Investigators also revealed unsafe food handling processes were taking place and blocked drainage to one of the kitchen sinks.

On Tuesday they served the restaurant a notice effectively closing the business on hygiene grounds.

However, the council insists it will help the restaurant management with any of the improvements needed to enable them to reopen.

Jeff Morley regulatory team manager, Borough of Poole, confirmed: “We investigated Real China after receiving complaints from members of the public.

“We found that their hygiene standards had deteriorated to such a point that they posed significant risks of cross contamination of food and ultimately risks to public health.

“We will actively support Real China in carrying out the necessary improvements to enable them to reopen in the future.”

No-one was available to comment from the restaurant before the Daily Echo went to press. After the council served the notice, it was officially upheld at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court.

Before Real China can reopen management will have to satisfy Borough of Poole’s environmental and consumer protection services that all elements resulting in the closure have been addressed.