A CYCLING safety campaign is getting a mixed response after notices were hung on car wing mirrors in car parks.

Bournemouth council has been placing the bright yellow Look Out signs on vehicles in car parks around the town.

The notices have been praised by some cyclists and motorists but Ashley Miller, chairman of the Bournemouth Station Taxi Association, said some of his fellow drivers believe they are ineffective.

“They said: ‘What a total waste of money’,” he said.

A dozen of the notices were still blowing around the Richmond Hill Car park yesterday after the notices were left on cars for the second time and some drivers left them on the ground.

They have four pieces of safety advice for cyclists and another four for drivers.

Jason Falconer, cycling coach and safety campaigner, himself seriously injured in a crash in 2012, said: “They are reasonable and simplistic and I’m fully in support.”

Since November Bournemouth council has distributed 2,210 of these leaflets on cars in council car parks and there are plans for a further 2,281 to be given out.

Ian Kalra, head of transportation services, said the leaflets are part of the Getting About project aimed at encouraging more people to cycle.

“These information leaflets are just one element of the Look Out campaign aimed at reminding motorists and cyclists of their responsibility as a road user,” he said.

“It is important that we create a mutual respect between different road users.”

Events held in November gave safety advice for cyclists and motorists and another will be held in Bournemouth Square on January 18.

Mr Kalra added: “We hope people will take notice of the message and act on it, making our roads safer for everyone.”