DOG lovers have started a rescue club and are holding a sponsored walk to help suffering greyhounds in Spain.

Mandy Bascombe and her 25 fellow members from Dorset Galgos and Friends get together to discuss their pets and are inviting new members to join.

The 56-year-old, from Bear Cross, said: “I am trying to raise some awareness of the treatment of the Spanish greyhounds.

“There are a few of us in the Dorset area who have rescued these beautiful dogs.

“They are used for hunting hares in Spain but when the hunting season ends the dogs are discarded like rubbish.

“Their owners will burn them alive, hang them, beat them and throw them out with the rubbish.”

The Spanish greyhounds, also known by their Spanish name Galgo Espanol, is a specific breed of dog.

The charity Greyhounds in Need, of which author Jilly Cooper OBE is a patron, bring the animals to the UK for re-homing.

Greyhounds in Need also has a shop in Moordown.

There are also re-homing groups in Spain and Amanda’s new group is holding a sponsored walk at Poole Park at 11am on January 19 for a refuge there.

“People stop us all the time when we are out with the dogs to ask about them,” Mandy added.

“But hardly any of them have heard of galgos, let alone how they have been treated.”

For more information about Dorset Galgos and Friends and to get involved in the sponsored walk call 07710 544290 or email Amanda at amandabascombe@