A TUBE challenger from Bournemouth has pulled out all the stops to smash the World Record for visiting all 468 New York stations in the fastest time.

Andy James along with Steve Wilson and Martin Hazel have become the first group to dominate on both sides of the Atlantic, as they also held the London record until August this year. In just 22 hours, 26 minutes and two seconds the record-breaking group completed the challenge starting on November 18 accompanied by Glen Bryant, Peter Smythe and Adham Fisher. Having returned from New York, Andy said: “I was shocked that we were so fast, especially as we don’t know the New York subway as well as the London Underground.

“No English people have ever gone and broken their record or held both recognised tube transit records on both sides of Atlantic, so I’m really proud of the achievement.” With no sleep, sprints to catch the trains and constant delays, the challenge is no mean feat.

“You have to sprint through some stations to keep on track and you can’t really get any sleep in 24 hours,” said Andy.

“Winning the challenge is all about the navigation, you have to be organised and work out the quickest route and then account for possible delays.”

Andy’s world record for the visiting all 270 London Underground stops was broken by just eight minutes, but he is determined to win that back as well.

He said: “I will win it back, there is no question.”