NEARLY a third of drivers who were offered an on-the-spot eye test at a Poole fuel station did not meet the legal standard for driving.

Motorists were offered the free eyesight checks at the Esso garage, on Ringwood Road, as part of a national campaign to reduce the amount of accidents happening on the roads due to poor vision.

Classic Eyes, a Poole-based opticians, carried out the tests, which Mayor of Poole, Cllr Phil Eades, and his chauffeur, Gary Richards, were also on hand to take part in.

The results mirror a recent survey that showed 35-per-cent of drivers have driven into a roundabout and narrowly missed being hit by a car from their right because they didn’t see them.

Lucy Freeman, optician from Classic Eyes Opticians, said: “These figures are quite alarming and we really hope that the results encourage more people to get regular eye examinations, both for their own safety and other road users too.

“In the absence of a law to ensure drivers have regular eye tests, drivers should take more responsibility.”

She added that those who took up the opportunity of a free eye test at the fuel garage may have saved lives in the process, highlighting the importance of a full yearly eye test.

The initiative was held to coincide with Road Safety Week, which runs from November 18 to 24, and forms part of the Think About Your Eyes campaign.

It aims to identify poor eyesight on the road.

It also urges drivers to take extra care as the nights draw in and visibility gets worse.

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