ANGRY residents are upset about fly-tipping close to their homes after recycling bins were re-installed.

The Dorset Waste Partnership removed two paper and cardboard recycling bins from Bronte Avenue, close to the junction of Fairmile Road in Christchurch, in order to deter people from dumping other rubbish there.

But they were “suddenly” brought back and items including a bathroom suite have been left.

Darryl Brown, who lives nearby, said: “It’s just not nice for the area and everybody feels the bins are unnecessary as we’ve all got cardboard recycling bins.”

Mr Brown said on the day the suite was dumped one item was left first and then the others were brought at different times of the day.

He added: “A few weeks ago a notice went up saying the bins were being removed because of the fly-tipping.

“While they were gone there was no fly-tipping.

“Then they suddenly re-appeared.”

Mr Brown said the bins were only gone for two days but a Dorset Waste Partnership spokesman said they were taken away for a week.

The spokesman said: “The two 'igloo'-style paper recycling banks were removed following a number of complaints from residents about fly-tipping.

“The banks have since been replaced pending the outcome of a wider review of recycling banks across the county.

“Since the banks were returned we have received further complaints of fly-tipping and abuse by tradespeople illegally dumping commercial waste.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and remove the fly-tipped material as soon as possible and pass information on in order to seek prosecution. A report detailing various options for the future provision of recycling banks in Dorset, including this site, will be considered by the Dorset Waste Partnership Joint Committee in November.”