A "CRAZED" man who attacked police officers with two knives has been jailed for four years.

Jason Small, of Oxford Avenue, Bournemouth, called the emergency services on the night of June 29 after attempting to set fire to his flat in a suicide bid.

When firefighters forced their way into the property, the 43-year- old, who pleaded guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered and affray, came towards them holding a black object they believed could be a firearm.

He had set fire to a pile of toilet paper near his front door, adding aerosol cans and accelerants to create a "small bomb".

Armed police were then called, but as they entered the property, Small attacked them with an 18-centimetre meat cleaver and a 25-centimetre carving knife.

Anita Gibson-Lee, prosecuting, said: "The knives were being held at head height and officers said he was acting in a 'crazed' manner."

While one officer fired a baton round into Small's chest, another picked up a hose dropped by firemen and attempted to battle the flames.

But the defendant continued to struggle, shouting: "What's it going to take for you to shoot me?"

He was tasered twice before police were able to arrest him.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard that Small, a father-of-three, had rowed with his former partner and swigged neat vodka before calling the police and telling them to get his neighbours out of the building.

Brian Sharman, defending, said: "It is drink that triggers the depression that triggers the suicide bids or cries for help and in the end, it went off with one hell of a bang - a bit more loudly then he had anticipated."

Judge Peter Johnson said: "The danger you created is heightened by the fact you then attacked the officers with two knives, which is an extremely serious aggravating feature."