ONE of the highlights of Bournemouth Air Festival has been put up for sale.

Jonathon Whaley, owner of Miss Demeanour, the colourful Hunter Jet, has decided to put the jet up for sale after owning it for 15 years.

Much of its restoration was carried out at Bournemouth Airport and since then it has been wowing air show crowds in the UK and beyond.

Writing on his Facebook page, Jonathon said he hadn’t advertised the jet yet, but added: “A multitude of reasons but primarily because of her success, she has become too demanding a mistress for a married man.

“Having got away with it for 15 years, it's time she found a new toy boy!

“I have no idea where she will end up, but from a selfish standpoint, in the hands of someone who wants me to help out with some of the air shows.

“Despite rising fuel prices, for the past few years we have been breaking even or making a small surplus on the total cost of ownership. Probably unique in the world of Warbird ownership.

“All that in no small way due to the enthusiasm of those who follow her shows and make known how much you enjoy her displays.”

Jonathon, who wrote the foreword to the Daily Echo’s celebratory book about Bournemouth Air Festival, said that the upcoming Al Ain air show in Abu Dhabi at the end of November would be his last planned display.

He added: “What the future really holds is anyone’s guess. I am not giving up display flying but it’s time to ease back on the throttle.”

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