PROPOSALS for a new, 5,860 square metre, Morrisons super-store in Christchurch have been met with 100 objections from residents in the area.

Residents have voiced doubts about the 3.79-acre development site on the junction of Stony Lane and Bridge Street on the grounds of traffic congestion and damage to the high street.

Secretary of ACRA, Affiliation of Christchurch Residents Association, Jim Biggin, said: “There is strong feeling it is the right supermarket in the wrong place. “People are concerned about the effects it will have on the road system and the massive pressure on traffic.

“On the flip side, some people say there is real need for a large supermarket.”

Morrisons, along with retail developer Simons, has launched a fresh bid to build its state-of-the-art store on the site currently occupied by Beagle Technology in Stony Lane.

The Morrisons Foodstore application includes provision for a main food hall, cafe facilities, staff accommodation and 350 surface car parking bays.

Deadline for comments on the superstore planning application was October 2 and there were 100 objections, 17 people were pro the development and three undecided.

Councillor Trish Jamieson said: “I think opinion seems fairly split because I speak to some people who can’t wait and then others who are asking why we need another supermarket in the area.”

The application is expected to go to the planning committee on November 7, but this has not been confirmed.

A spokesperson from Simons Group said: “We held a consultation in August this year and of the 86 responses on cards, 80 were in support of the development, so the vast majority approved the plans.

“There will also be 300 new jobs, so it should be good news for the community.”