THE father of tragic Emily Longley said he hopes the parents of murderer Elliot Turner finally feel remorseful after their release from prison.

Leigh and Anita Turner were imprisoned for 27 months last July after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice, serving just half of their sentences.

Police told the court the pair destroyed a note from their son confessing to killing the 17-year-old and removed a jacket from the crime scene at their home.

Elliot Turner is serving a life sentence for strangling his former girlfriend in a jealous rage.

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Mark Longley, who told the Daily Echo the family could begin to move on after the 22-year-old’s appeal to have his sentence overturned was quashed in April, said the family “expected” the Turners to serve around 18 months.

“We put our faith in the police and the justice system and they repaid that by convicting both Turner and his parents, and that system has said the parents have served their time, so I guess justice has been served,” he said.

“I hope they used their time to reflect on the very heinous crime their son carried out and their role in trying to help him cover it up. They have shown no remorse towards poor Emily and she deserves at least that, so I hope they feel some now, for her sake.”

British-born Emily, an aspiring model, moved to New Zealand with her dad, mum Caroline and younger sister Hannah when she was nine.

She met Turner when she returned to the UK to study at Brockenhurst and lived with her grandparents in South-bourne.

Mr Longley said: “I am very surprised they returned to the house to live. I find that odd, to live in the same house where their son murdered Emily. But they are not a normal family.”