A DOG-lover has said she lives in fear of her pets being mauled after her chihuahua was attacked by a fox in her garden.

Louise Kayim, 31, of Charminster, chased after the fox when she saw her one-and-a-half-year-old miniature dog Stimpy being carried away in the animal’s jaws.

Her brave other dog, Tinks, also ran after the fox in a bid to try and help save Stimpy.

She said: “I heard my dog scream, so I ran down to the bottom of the garden and saw my little chihuahua being carried away in the fox’s mouth.

“It was terrifying, I thought he would definitely be dead, but I ran around the neighbourhood trying to find him. Luckily one of my neighbours found him hiding from the fox.”

Stimpy was rushed to the vet, but suffered no major injuries.

Louise who has a seven-foot fence surrounding her garden in Strouden Road, said several of her neighbours have had similar problems.

She said: “Two of my neighbours had their cats killed by a fox recently so it could be the same one. I feel like I’m waiting for my pet to be killed. It’s awful.”

The 31-year-old is now calling for action to be taken.

“I did contact the Bournemouth council but they would not help with the problem. I think people should be given advice about what to do,” she said.

“A lot of my elderly neighbours keep feeding them and this only encourages them. Something needs to be done.”

Bournemouth council pointed out the advice about foxes on its website, which says: “We strongly advise that you do not feed them as this can lead to an overcrowding in a given area.”