BOURNEMOUTH resident and world-renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall has sent a powerful message to the Government urging it to abandon the badger cull, warning of “massive suffering”.

The chimpanzee expert and conservationist released a Youtube video following a statement from the Zoological Society of London against the use of badger culling in the control of bovine tuberculosis.

Dr Goodall rose to fame after her landmark study of chimpanzee behaviour in Tanzania and established the Jane Goodall Institute which continues her ground-breaking research.

In her message, the Durley Chine resident said: “The proposed killing will result in massive suffering for the badgers. They are intelligent animals. Like us, they feel apprehension and fear. Like us, they feel pain.

“And even those responsible for the plan have admitted that many animals will not be killed outright but will die maybe days later and many will know terror and great pain.”

Dorset Wildlife Trust was amongst the organisations which signed the online Team Badger petition opposing the badger cull.

The record-breaking petition received 263,000 signatures pledging support against the government policy of killing badgers in a bid to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

Under the Governement proposals, around 5,000 badgers will be culled in two pilot zones, Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Dr Goodall said: “I for one would urge our Government to reconsider its plan to kill our badgers in favour of an alternative solution that would be not only more compassionate but also it seems, far more rational.

“Kill the cull, not England’s badgers.”