AN EMERGENCY inspection into an alternative independent Ringwood school found safeguarding procedures to be “insufficiently robust” after pupils cut themselves with blades during an art history lesson.

The teacher who oversaw the lesson at Ringwood Waldorf School was suspended and later resigned from her post as school chiefs were investigating the incident.

An investigation was carried out by the School Inspection Service (SIS) and the report said: “Procedures for safeguarding are at present insufficiently robust. This is because standards about the welfare, health and safety of pupils at the school are not met.”

School administrator Nigel Revill said: “The incident itself involved a part-time teacher, who acted independently without our knowledge.

“The teacher concerned resigned during the disciplinary process and is no longer employed by the school and we have no plans to re-instate her.

“As a result the SIS has made several recommendations, which we are implementing in line with the timescales set by the SIS and the Department for Education (DfE).

“The inspection stated that our safeguarding policy is appropriate in most respects but concluded that improvements were needed on how we deal with potential complaints against staff.

“The report also recommends we keep a record of our staff members’ child protection training, better monitor the school’s safeguarding provision, and make it easier for parents to access our safeguarding policy.”

Ringwood Waldorf School is based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner and charges up to £7,500 a year for pupils aged three to 16.

Steiner schools use alternative education methods and encourage an artistic element in all lessons.