THE group opposed to plans for a sprawling wind farm off the Bournemouth coast has hit back at comments made by the project’s director Mike Unsworth.

Navitus Bay Development Ltd (NBDL) has submitted a planning application for a £3billion wind park 12 miles off the coast.

If accepted, the site could include up to 218 turbines towering 650ft high. The company insists these turbines could generate power for up to 790,000 homes every year.

Responding to criticism of the sustainability of NBDL’s own images of the proposed turbines, Mr Unsworth said Challenge Navitus had refused to produce visualisations that comply fully with industry standard.

Defending its position, Challenge Navitus’ Dr Andrew Langley said: “NBDL seems to miss the point that the current guidance on visualisation has long been criticised for misrepresenting the perceived scale and distance of developments, which is partly why that guidance is under review.

“Challenge Navitus is simply applying the best, most up-to-date, information. If we wait for new guidance to be formally adopted in England, it will almost certainly be too late for this project.”

Both Challenge Navitus and NBDL have urged the public to attend next month’s final round of consultations.

Mr Unsworth said: “Almost 2,000 people attended our last round of consultation events and we are hoping that many more will come to the September exhibitions to let us know what they think about our findings and assessments.”

Meanwhile, David Lloyd of Challenge Navitus said: “It is vital that everyone registers their opposition by writing to NBDL and copying their letters to their MP and county councillor, as this is the last chance for the public to have their say before the application is submitted.”

Navitus Bay public exhibitions: Christchurch: Captain’s Club Hotel, Waterside Suite, Wick Ferry, Wick Lane, September 12, 2-8pm.

Lymington: Lymington Community Centre, New Street, September 13, 2-8pm.

Swanage: St Edwards Church Hall, Rempstone Road, September 17, 2-8pm.

Poole: The Lighthouse, Function Room 1, Kingland Road, September 18, 2-8pm.

West Moors: West Moors Memorial Hall, Station Road, September 19, 2-8pm.

New Milton: New Milton Community Centre, Osborne Road, September 20, 2-8pm.

Bournemouth: Bournemouth International Centre, Bourne Lounge, Exeter Road,