A CHRISTCHURCH pensioner is appealing for information about a missing statue head, smashed by “mindless” vandals at his seaside home.

Mike McCann, who lives at Friars Cliff, said he feels violated following the damage, which resulted in a precious family statue of a little boy being smashed into three pieces and one – the statue’s head – stolen.

Mr McCann believes those involved shimmied up the drain pipe of his house in Seaway Avenue to get to his first floor veranda where the statue was placed between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

He is offering £100 for the head to be returned to him or for information leading to its whereabouts.

“We’ve had it – Oscar we called it – for 21 years. I bought it in Germany for £1,000 at the time. I think it must be worth about £2,500 now,” 74-year-old Mr McCann said.

“He sat on the wall of our veranda upstairs and he became quite the local landmark.

“I’ve had Japanese tourists snapping away at him and everyone who comes here regularly sees him in the summer when he is sat out there.”

He added: “On Saturday night there was a large group of students outside – about 100 I reckon. There is always a group of them at this time of year, celebrating the end of exams.

“We saw the police come along and disperse them a bit but the group was still there when we went to bed.

“They must have climbed up the drain pipe to get onto the balcony then they pushed him off.

“When I went to take the dog out for a walk on Sunday morning he was on the ground in pieces, except his head. “He’s made of a steel frame, plaster and concrete so is really heavy.

“I didn’t hear a thing and neither did the dog, who is now in disgrace.

“I’m so angry about it.

“I don’t mind them having fun but this is a step too far. It’s just mindless.”

To contact Mr McCann about the missing statue head, email him on mikemccannmc@btinternet.com.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should contact Dorset Police on 101 regarding the incident.