AIRLINE Ryanair has been accused of “exploiting people” after they charged a passenger £70 to simply print off a boarding pass.

Angela Jarvis, 56, was due to take a flight on Wednesday from Bournemouth Airport to Portugal for a week-long holiday but had been unable to print off her boarding pass.

New Zealander Angela is currently staying with her brother-in-law Garry Battista in Bournemouth and had planned to use his printer but it failed to work.

Garry, 61, of Saxonbury Road, Tuckton, said he called the airport on Sunday to explain the situation and was reassured they could help.

“I was told it was no problem and to just go to the ticket desk and they would print it off for her.

“But when my sister-in-law went to the ticket desk on Wednesday she was charged £70 and told she would have to pay another £70 for the return trip.

“I think this is outrageous behaviour from Ryanair and also the member of the staff at the airport I had spoken to.”

Mrs Jarvis said the printing experience had left a “terrible impression”.

Mr Battista said: “My sister-in-law was so angry and said it has ruined her holiday. She was really upset. I have never seen her like that before.

“It is ridiculous. Quite how older people get on I have no idea or if this had happened to a family of four. It’s a joke.”

A spokesperson from Ryanair said: “Passengers who fail to check-in online and print their boarding card are subject to a £70 boarding card re-issue fee.

“The online check-in facility is available from 15 days prior to each scheduled flight departure time, up until the online check-in deadline of 4 hours before each scheduled flight departure time. Once a passenger has checked in online they can reprint their boarding card up to 2 hours before each scheduled flight departure time.

“As outlined in Ryanair’s terms and conditions, if you fail to present a valid boarding pass at airport security or at the boarding gate and there is sufficient time to re-issue you with an alternative form of boarding pass, you will be charged a boarding pass re-issue fee.”