MEMBERS of the Bournemouth EDL group laid a floral tribute on the Cenotaph in central Bournemouth on Saturday lunchtime in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby.

The group of around 15-20 men and women walked from Bournemouth town centre to the war memorial in Bournemouth’s central gardens around 1pm to lay their floral arrangement.

It was one of many floral tributes already placed at the Cenotaph in memory of the soldier who was killed in London last month as he was returning to Woolwich barracks after working at the Tower of London.

The gathering of people in Bournemouth held a two-minute silence after they had laid the white and red arrangement.

There was no mention of the EDL in the card which was left; only the words “To the family of Lee Rigby. Rest in Peace, Our Hero.”

One man, who asked only to be named as Ronny, part of the EDL leadership in the south, said they were there as a mark of respect to Lee Rigby and the “soldiers in general”.

“A lot of us are servicemen or ex-servicemen. I’m a father of a serving soldier and we like to do our bit", he said.