More than a decade after her son was killed by his father, Cathy Franklin is telling her story in her own words.

The mum-of-three, who went on to have two more sons, lost Ryan at just two years old when he was killed by his father Lee Khair in May 2002.

Devastatingly, Cathy suffered again after being told she was unable to bury her child while a criminal trial was held.

She was eventually forced to wait for 18 months before being able to give Ryan a funeral, which took place in November 2003.

However, aged just 28, she successfully launched a six-year campaign to make sure other grieving parents wouldn’t have to go through the same horror.

Cathy, who now lives in Blandford, has gone behind the headlines to write up her memories of Ryan’s death in ebook My Stolen Angel – The Build Up To Ryan’s Law.

She penned the memoir in just two weeks, but has only just released the account more than two and a half years after writing it.

“I didn’t have the guts to do it when I first wrote it,” she said.

“But I really wanted to tell everything from my point of view.

“Everything that happened is in there – all my feelings about it and the facts too.”

The ebook has already started to garner five-star reviews on website Amazon. Cathy said: “I’ve had some really good reviews, which is amazing.

“A lot of people have been sending messages to me on Facebook to say how good it is, and I’m so grateful for that.

“It’s a bit daunting because it’s my life, but people have said some lovely things.”

Cathy is now engaged to partner Mark Jacques, and celebrated the birth of baby Blake in November last year.

Her older son Benjamin is now nine.

She said writing her book was a labour of love.

“When it came to writing the book, I didn’t plan to do it – I didn’t wake up in the morning and say to myself, ‘This afternoon, I’m going to write a book’,” she said.

“It just came off the top of my head. Then it sat on my computer for two and a half years.

“Reading it back was draining – all the feelings and emotions you had came back.

“You can still remember everything 11 years later.”

The ebook tells the story of Ryan’s hazardous birth following a labour lasting more than a day and a half.

At the eleventh hour, Cathy was rushed in for an emergency caesarean, but said despite a traumatic labour, she loved her new baby boy straight away.

She wrote: “I was over the moon and couldn’t believe how much love I had for him, such a beautiful baby and just perfect.”

She also includes a description of her first meeting with Ryan’s father at a local pub.

She wrote: “Little did I know then that this night would change my life forever.

“Lee Khair who went on to be the man responsible for the death of a child.”

Cathy said writing down the traumatic and awful details of her son’s death, and her subsequent fight for justice, was “incredibly daunting”.

However, she said it was important for her to tell the world the story behind the headlines.

“Ryan would have been 13 now,” she said.

“You don’t ever stop being a mum, even if your son is gone.

“But you do have to learn how to live your life differently, as well as how to cope with such a huge loss.”