THREE top appeal judges have ruled that killer Elliot Turner was convicted on overwhelming evidence after a “fair and proper trial”.

The self-professed playboy returned to his prison cell last month after the judges took less than five minutes to throw out his bid to have his conviction and sentence overturned.

Last year Turner was jailed for life, with a minimum of 16 years, after being found guilty of the murder of New Zealand girlfriend Emily Longley in his Bournemouth home in May 2011.

At the appeal hearing, Turner’s lawyers argued that the trial judge was wrong to allow the covert surveillance to be shown to the jury because it contained aspects of legal privilege.

The judgement by the Lord Chief Justice, Mr Justice Royce and Mr Justice Globe was published yesterday and states that the “covert recordings provided clear evidence that the appellant had killed the deceased, and that he and his parents attempted to pervert the course of justice”.

The judgement states that the trial judge did not admit any evidence that might have been the subject of legal privilege. It also states the surveillance carried out by Dorset Police was lawful.

Turner, 21, strangled Emily, 17, in his bedroom at the family home in Queens Park following months of jealousy, anger and suspicion that she was seeing other men.

Elliot’s parents Leigh and Anita were convicted of perverting the course of justice and sentenced to 27 months in jail.