Former Bond girl and national treasure Honor Blackman is a force to be reckoned with. It’s only hours after the death of Baroness Thatcher and the actress has some strong views.

Honor Blackman “She’s not my idea of Heaven I have to say. Although she did some good things in her time, she was merciless about the unions.

“I’m not too happy about the Falklands either. We lost men, we took injuries and we blew up a ship. I suppose we need it for a base, but my common sense tells me that it does belong more to Argentina than it does to us.” says Honor, 87.

Her frankness proves to be a taste of what to expect from her latest show that will look back over her astonishing life and career. Honor takes to the stage at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne, tomorrow night and discusses her six decades in film, theatre and television.

“Lots of people may throw things at me for saying that about Thatcher, but hopefully not during the performance,” added Honor.

Her most famous roles have been Pussy Galore in James Bond film Goldfinger, Cathy Gale in the Avengers and Laura West in The Upper Hand. With a career playing such strong female characters, it hasn’t always been an easy road for Honor.

“There was no equality of women when I started out and one was permanently chased around the office and all the rest of it. That’s what people did in those days and it was assumed you’d sleep with anybody and if you didn’t you wouldn’t get the work. It still persists with some people I’m afraid.”

On the topic of strong women, the late Prime Minister crops up in conversation again.

“She was a powerful figure, but she did damn all for empowering women. She didn’t surround herself with any women whatsoever or encourage women to come into politics or do anything in particular. She could have been a quite wonderful role model.”

Honor’s major breakthrough came in 1964, when she put Sean Connery firmly in his place as the no-nonsense Bond girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Interestingly, Honor was older than Sean Connery by five years and remains the oldest Bond girl at 39.

It’s a piece of film trivia that Honor is frequently cited by male journalists. Still a fan of the long-running film franchise, the latest 007 gets the Blackman seal of approval.

“I think Daniel Craig is lovely. He’s a terrific actor to begin with, but for me there’s only one Bond. Sean Connery. I last saw him on his 60th birthday, which was a long, long time ago.”

Sunday’s show will bring back memories for Honor, as she briefly lived in Bournemouth during the war.

“My very first job was as a civil servant in Bournemouth. I remember the house during the wartime, as it was a grand house that had been commandeered. I think it was called Cortmerron.

“Isn’t that funny that I remember it so clearly, even though it’s about 100 years ago. I used to go with a boy called Cliff Trickett and eat my sandwiches by the sea. People might say they know all about my life but they don’t at all.”

  • Honor Blackman appears at the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne, on Sunday night.