JUST weeks after nearly two tonnes of rubbish were cleared from the side of the Spur Road the verges are starting to fill up again.

The most prominent item recently abandoned by the roadside is a fully-built greenhouse, minus the glass, just past Blackwater junction on the northbound carriageway of the A338.

Earlier this week, Dorset Waste Partnership said £10,000 had been spent clearing 1.8 tonnes of rubbish dumped along the road. The DWP, along with Bournemouth Council, took five nights – two more than expected – to clear the five mile stretch between Ashley Heath roundabout and Blackwater junction earlier this month. Among the 1.8 tonnes of rubbish were car tyres and electrical goods, including six discarded TVs.

The clear-up came after the Daily Echo discovered cannabis factory equipment dumped on the side of the A338 in March.

Heat lamps, hundreds of plant pots, fertiliser and chemical containers were discovered sprawled across a stream next to a layby on the northbound carriageway.

Also discarded was a car bumper, another television set and more tyres.

But following the clean-up rubbish is yet again building up with litter, discarded food wrappers, plastic bags and several large plastic canisters scattered along the highway.

Cllr Colin Bungey, independent councillor at Christchurch council who has raised the issue of the messy roadside in the past, said: “For a place like Bournemouth and the entrance to a major resort, this level of litter is not acceptable.

“We need more regular clearances. I think before the last one was done, the verges hadn’t been cleared in 18 months.

“The problem has got worse since the local tips won’t let a van in unless they have got a special pass.

“These things tend to go hand-in-hand.

“The problem needs to be looked at in a wider context.”

'If you see it, report it'

MIKE Bell, head of operations at Dorset Waste Partnership said: “Fly tipping is a crime, and we would ask anyone who sees it to report it to their local council so it can be cleared and investigated.

“Obviously, we should not have to remove this rubbish in the first place.

“Items of household waste should be taken to a local recycling centre, or you can request a bulky waste collection from your council.”