A BODY was discovered behind buildings in Bournemouth town centre on Friday.

Shoppers using the Glen Fern multi-storey car park saw what they believed to be a woman and called out to a worker having a cigarette at the back of the businesses in Old Christchurch Road.

Police were called and stood guard at the edge of the multi-storey but it remained open while officers covered the body and examined the garden where the remains were found.

Che Curran, visiting from Weymouth, was the first to spot the body from the car park.

He said: “It was a real shock.

“I looked out at three o’clock and it looked like they were asleep. When we came back they were still lying there.”

He added: “They had a bag with them and next to the body was some alcohol.”

Che called out to the worker, who dialled 999.

The man, aged 37, who asked not to be named, said: “I looked over the wall and saw someone lying face down in a garden. The body was lifeless.”

He added: “I think it was a woman. Her hood was up and she was fully clothed.

“My boss touched the body to see if there was any movement, but it was stiff. I phoned for an ambulance but I knew it was too late.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said they were called at 4.38pm on Friday to a report of a female found deceased at the rear of a building on Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth.

The spokesperson said the "tragic death" of the 48-year-old woman, was being treated as non-suspicious.

It is the second time in less than three months that someone has been found dead in the town.

On Sunday, January 20, Karl Lambe, 42 and believed to be homeless, was found in the doorway of St Andrew’s United Reformed Church off Richmond Hill.

Nick Aris, owner of Aris jewellers, said: “We’ve been told it’s not suspicious.
“We don’t know how long she’s been there – the police think it was a long time.”

Sean Notghi, owner of Glen Fern Garage at the bottom of the car park, said: “I heard the rumours that there was a body so I came down here. I was shocked to see the police tearing down here.”

An investigation has been launched and the Bournemouth, Poole and East Dorset Coroner has been informed. An inquest will be held.