BOSCOMBE'S popular vintage market has been cancelled after being kicked out of the Royal Arcade.

The market has been operating since October, 2010, however the owners of the Arcade, Arnewood Estates, have told stallholders that they can no longer accommodate the market.

Stallholders co-ordinator Sara Cheng said: “It is unexpected. We were on the radio promoting it, and when he got back we had an email waiting for us to say our contract was terminated. It was a real shock.”

She said the Royal Arcade was the “perfect venue” after the market moved from a marquee outside The Crescent.

“It was a stressful journey at times, but we had great support from everyone,” she said.

“People were so positive about the market. Lots of people have told us that the only reason they came into Boscombe was to visit it.”

A number of stallholders have gone on to start their own businesses thanks to the success of the market, including What Alice Found, Cotton Candy Designs and Kaotichandbag, all in Christchurch Road.

However, not all are sorry to see the market go. Phil Morland from Traditional Locksmiths said: “Honestly, I'm not sorry to hear the market is closing.

“It's lovely to have it but it didn't affect trade in a positive manner at all. People attending the market were focused on the market. It didn't make any difference to traders.”

A message on the market's Facebook page read: “The Boscombe Vintage Market is disappointed to announce that we will no longer be able to trade from the lovely Royal Arcade due to their management decision that they can no longer accommodate the market.

“This means that all upcoming monthly markets from this venue will be CANCELLED.”

However it said stallholders would still be taking part in planned events this year, such as the Larmer Tree Festival and the Bournemouth Arts Festival by the Sea.

It continued: “We will post updates HERE once we have decided how best to move onwards and upwards with our market. A huge thanks to the continued support from our followers!”

Dozens of fans of the market have posted to express their disappointment.

One regular market goer has contacted the Echo to say: "As a newcomer to the area the market brought me to Boscombe, a place honestly I wouldn't have ventured to on my own.

"The Market was a vibrant outlet for cottage industries and a place to peruse collectables and vintage gems. Through visiting this treasure trove I also discovered the Vintage shops of Christchurch Road; The Crooked Book, What Alice Found,Clobber and many others that have popped up in the last 6 months.

"I developed a well formed ritual of visiting the market and then spending the afternoon working my way down through Christchurch Road, stopping for refreshment at various cafes.

"I really believe it is a travesty for the management of the Arcade to stop hosting this event. It was the perfect location, especially during the chilly winter months.

"Having a monthly event made me visit Boscombe regularly, from the response of facebook I am not the only person who feels like this.

"The loss of the vintage market will not just affect my personal Saturday ritual but also I would not be surprised if it affected businesses, especially those vintage shops so recently developed."

The Echo has asked from comment from the owners of the Royal Arcade and will update the story as we get it.