SHOCKED members of a Bournemouth fitness centre had a “miraculous” escape after a sports car crashed through the gym’s main window as they worked out.

The Toyota Celica GT ploughed into PureGym, sending glass flying and ending up among exercise equipment on Friday night.

Recovery workers attending the scene the following day said it was a miracle nobody was seriously injured.

Seconds after the car smashed through the window, at around 11.30pm, two women were spotted jumping from the vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Police said two women were helping police with their inquiries.

Pure Gym spokesman Katie Matthews said: “Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the incident, but extensive damage was caused to the windows at the front of the building and to several pieces of equipment within.

“PureGym will be closed over the weekend and possibly into early next week, as we repair the damaged caused.

“We have our emergency team working around the clock to make the necessary repairs and we have replacement kit for the damaged items on their way. We will have the club reopened as soon as we can, and of course when it is safe to do so.”

The popular gym, where members can access the premises via a key code, operates at The Triangle 24 hours a day.

Police sealed off a section of The Triangle on Saturday lunchtime to allow recovery of the silver car.

Onlooker Jason Knight was among the people watching the recovery. He told the Echo: “I cannot believe someone was actually able to get the car in there. It must have given those people working out one hell of a shock.”

Another astonished onlooker, who asked not to be named, said: “I bet whoever was working out on the cross trainers saw their heart rates go through the roof when that thing smashed its way in. It’s amazing nobody has been hurt.”