Forget Rob Lowe stripped to the waist in a Californian sea - Bournemouth Tourism has called on the services of Harry Redknapp, Alex James and Debra Stephenson for its new advert in a bid to pull in the crowds.

As well as containing clips featuring local celebrities, the 54-second tongue in cheek adaptation of the Visit California ‘misconception’ TV ad showcases the resort’s less famous residents as well as its award-winning attractions.

Reflecting on his brief role, Harry said: “I was more than happy to be part of the tourism video; it’s no secret that I love the area.

“The beaches and views are fantastic, it’s a lovely place to live. Being filmed on a golf course hitting a football was just a bit of fun; I hope it does well.”

Jasmine Connolly, of the Bournemouth Tourism Marketing Group, told the Daily Mail:

'We were storyboarding some ideas for a social media campaign and remembered that Katy Perry had mentioned when she came to Bournemouth that it reminded her of her home town California.

'It was that which gave us the idea for a parody of the California video.

What you thought:

John Suev, 32, a retail manager from Holland, said: “I don’t recognise anyone; maybe I’ve seen the chef on telly. I haven’t seen the California video so I can’t compare it.”

Anne Hale, 63, who has lived in Bournemouth for ten years, couldn’t name any of the celebrities featured. She said: “I think one has got something to do with football.”

Natalie Bell, 21, an IT student at Bournemouth University, said: “It’s a good way to promote the town, it gives people an idea of the different things you can do in Bournemouth.”

Letting agent Patricia Wyatt from Ringwood said: “Harry Redknapp is the only person I recognise. I’ve always thought the town could promote itself better.”

Building society worker Helen Strutt, 17, from Bournemouth said: “That’s some football guy; I know his face but don’t know his name. But I don’t have a clue about the others.”

Watch it below - and let us know what you think. How many faces can you name?