A SECOND mum has criticised a Hampshire school after her daughter was placed in isolation – for having her hair dyed dark red.

Alisha Kay-Tyler was taken out of classes at Ringwood School today after turning up with her new haircut.

The 13-year-old’s furious mum, Sarah Kay, accused the school of “over-reacting” because her daughter had been told the “unnatural” hair colour would distract other pupils.

It comes just days after the Daily Echo reported how Year 8 pupil Billie Halford was taken out of the same school temporarily by her mum after she was placed in isolation because of hair pink dip dye hairstyle.

Bosses at the Parsonage Barn Lane school say there are strict policies in place over youngsters’ appearance, which all parents sign up to when they send their children there.

Sarah, from Poulner, said she had only allowed Alisha to have her hair dyed once she was satisfied it would not be an outlandish colour.

She told the Daily Echo: “If it was up to Alisha I can guarantee that her hair would be dip-died pink too, but I know that’s unacceptable.

“It’s not really an unnatural colour. It’s quite dark and it’s quite nice. Her natural colour has a lot of red in it anyway.

“If it was bright pink or blue or orange then that’s fair enough, but it’s in no means offensive – I think that’s the word they used.

“They’ve just taken it way too far.”

Sarah said she has now had to take Alisha, a Year 9 pupil, back to the salon where her hair had been dyed to have it coloured again, this time a dark brown, costing £40.

She said: “I don’t agree that she should have it done again, especially within 24 hours because that’s not good for her hair, but I’m doing it because she will miss school.

“She was going to be in isolation until it’s gone and I think that’s disgusting. That’s for children who have been naughty.

“I would have made a stand against this but the whole time she would be missing out on school. But I’m going to be writing to the school and speaking to the head teacher.”

Ringwood’s head, Chris Edwards was not immediately available for comment this afternoon.

But in response to the earlier row over Billie’s hair, she said: “At Ringwood School we have very clear rules with regard to appearance and uniform which parents agree to when they send their child to the school.

“Our rules state that hair should be traditionally styled – extremes of fashion such as shaved hair, beads, braids, unnatural tints, dyes and highlights are not acceptable.

“If a student arrives at school with inappropriate uniform or appearance arrangements are made to continue with learning in isolation while contact is made with parents to arrange to resolve the problem.”