FREE early morning bus travel in North Dorset is set to come to an end as the council try to save £20,000.

The cabinet at the district council will recommend putting a stop to the initiative later this month.

Currently, the council subsidises the cost of free travel before 9.30am but research has shown that only 88 journeys are made across the whole of North Dorset at this time each week.

If a decision to stop funding is deferred, the estimated £20,000 cost is projected to rise to more than £53,000 next year and £66,000 the following year.

The cabinet will set aside a budget of £5,000 for people who use early morning public transport.

Anyone who holds a concessionary bus pass will still be entitled to free transport anywhere in the country between 9.30am and 11pm Monday to Friday.

The county council will continue to fund registered blind residents to travel free all day.