THE jury in the Angelo Rodrigues murder trial were yesterday given a detailed run down of the 35 injuries he sustained shortly before his death.

Home Office pathologist Dr Basil Purdue used a series of computer-generated graphics to describe the injuries found on the 44-year-old’s body.

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Dr Purdue told Winchester Crown Court there were a number of red grazes on the scalp and eyebrows, a skin tear on the right eyebrow, a right black eye and point puncture wounds on the corner of the mouth, left side of the jaw and at the bottom of the left collarbone.

He said he found a number of stab entry slits in Mr Rodrigues’ armpits, one of which punctured the left lung.

He also found a number of stab entry wounds on Mr Rodrigues’ thighs. It was one of these which punctured 15/16cm into the back of the thigh, severing one of the two great arteries and causing “extremely heavy bleeding”.

Dr Purdue told the court the instrument used to inflict the injuries were “in keeping with a pair of kitchen scissors”.

He said Mr Rodrigues would have fainted from loss of blood within a few minutes and death is likely to have happened after a period of time – probably several more minutes.

Dr Purdue said no defensive injuries were found.

The court also heard from forensic scientist Rosalyn Hammond who examined blood staining at Mr Rodrigues’ flat and concluded: “The injuries which produced the most prolific bleeding were sustained in the bedroom.”

She said that she found evidence of “forceful injury” being sustained in the bedroom which could have been the result of “punching”.

She added: “If he was held down in that area after he received bleeding injuries then that could have resulted in the blood stains I examined.” The prosecution claim that Mr Rodrigues was attacked by “angry” neighbour Tracy Mansell and her partner James Kinsley following a row about ongoing noise at the block of flats in Coleman Road, West Howe, on July 27 last year.

The jury have been told that Mansell accepts she stabbed Mr Rodrigues but that her responsibility was diminished due to her psychiatric state.

Tracy Mansell, 56, of Coleman Road, West Howe, and James Kinsley, 40, of Hinton Road, Bournemouth, deny murder.

The case continues.