THE memory of Red Arrows’ pilot Jon Egging, who lost his life after an air festival display, will live on at two Bournemouth schools.

Following Jon’s tragic death in August 2011, his widow Emma, mother Dawn, childhood friend James Godley and Red Arrows’ pilot Ben Plank set up the Jon Egging Trust to develop opportunities for young people.

Dr Egging said she wanted to keep her husband’s “drive and zest for life alive” by working with under achieving students who could benefit from her husband’s remarkable example.

Schools in the area were invited to make a submission to join the Jon Egging Trust.

Guy Trotman, deputy head teacher at Glenmoor School said: “We are delighted to learn that the Glenmoor and Winton Federated Trust has been the successful applicant.”

He added: “The opportunity for a number of boys and girls to work with inspirational individuals will enhance and complement our schools’ endeavours to make a real difference to and improve the individual life chances of young people.

“At the same time it will help them to recognise that out of seemingly devastating circumstances which test us to the limit, individuals are still able to find it within themselves to recognise the potential in meeting life’s challenges and to contribute at the same time, to the wellbeing of others.

“Through making a difference to the life chances of young people, they too will continue to ensure through their own personal development and hopefully, through their contributions to the lives of others, the Jon Egging legacy. “We are both honoured and thrilled at the prospect of working with the Jon Egging Trust and thank Dr Egging for this opportunity.”

Speaking after the Trust was launched, Dr Egging said: “Jon will always be in our hearts and sorely missed.

“Please help us take Jon’s positive ethos for life forward by supporting the work of the Jon Egging Trust, which was set up in his memory.”