UNITED Taxis has opened a new office in Winton high street.

Derek Heritage, United’s marketing director, said: “The office located next to Barclays Bank and known to locals as Winton Banks has been added to offer more space for telephonists due to increasing call volumes.

“We can now have 12 staff taking calls at busy times, and it is an ideal site for Winton shoppers.

“The other main reason for being in this part of town is to accommodate our already very busy connection with Bournemouth Univer-sity.

“From their second year onwards students tend to live in this area as it is so close to the campus.”

The firm has also launched a new pre-pay card, which allows customers to store credit for journeys.

Derek added: “It is really pleasing that we’ve been able to take on extra staff which in turn is down to our ever increasing customer base.”