IT is not very often I disagree with Christine Peters, but I have to about her letter when she says get rid of all GPs’ surgeries.

Just because some are not working very well should not serve as an excuse to abolish GPs’ surgeries.

Many work and cope extremely well and provide an excellent service to the community in which they operate.

Usually the ones that do not and where patients have problems getting appointments are probably badly managed with systems that are not up to standard.

My own surgery in Hamworthy, which is part of the Adam practice, provides an excellent service to the community.

I also know of surgeries in Broadstone and Verwood that also work well as I am sure do many others in the conurbation.

The best GP surgeries in the Poole conurbation are managed to a high standard with excellent and well-trained receptionists who help patients obtain the appointments they require, depending on urgency etc.

They contain many superb doctors and yes the 10 mins appointment time can be a bit limited but in my experience they usually ignore this if necessary.

The well-managed surgeries have excellent backroom staff and are complimented by experienced practice nurses who deal very well with problems, which do not necessitate the attention of a doctor.

The above examples demonstrate that if a surgery is well managed and staffed by excellent doctors, practice nurses, receptionist and backroom staff with a ‘can do’ attitude then the system works very well indeed and appointments can be obtained in a reasonable time.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy, Poole