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Crime for Christchurch

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Street-level crime and anti-social behaviour in from the Home Office.

To protect privacy, crimes are mapped to points on or near the road where they occurred.

Street name Crime type

Police station and neighbourhood policing team

Neighbourhood police station

Bournemouth Central Police Station
Bournemouth Central Police Station
Madeira Road, Bournemouth, Dorset

East Christchurch Neighbourhood Policing Team covers the Purewell, Stanpit, Mudeford, Highcliffe and Someford (The Grange) areas of Christchurch.

Purewell connects the town centre to Somerford via a busy through road and includes a mix of housing and housing developments, there are a number of 19th and early 20th century buildings, Two Riversmeet leisure centre with includes a skate park, it is also home to the towns civic centre and a boat yard.

The Stanpit area is a historic village with a number of historic listed cottages and a number of houses, it also includes Stanpit Marsh which is a 65 hectare site that was designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 1964 and in 1986 as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Marsh is home to over 300 species of plants, 14 of which are nationally rare and endangered.

Mudeford includes two woodland areas known as Mudeford Woods and a large mixture of housing developments and industrial estates, there is an Infant and Junior School and incorporates Mudeford Quay which was an area notoriously known for Smuggling as early as 1680 and Avon beach which stretches for three quarters of a mile leading onto Highcliffe.

Highcliffe is in an enviable location is made up of, predominantly, retired and semi-retired populations, but also home to a number of families. It is home to Highcliffe Castle, Highcliffe Golf Course and the Nature reserve at Steamer Point and a beautiful beach.                                                           

It is also home to Highcliffe St Marks Primary School and Highcliffe Secondary School.

The Somerford Estate (Known as the Grange Ward) is a Housing Estate which was built in the 1950’s made up of a mixture of both Privately owned and Social Housing. There is a large recreational area called Watermans Park which is home to a Skate park as well as Playparks and a large playing field.    It is also home to Somerford Primary School, The Grange Comprehensive School and St Joseph’s Primary School. To the south of the estate is a large Industrial Estate. We regularly attend the schools in the area and have given safety talks on several subjects as well as working with them around any safeguarding issues and managing these

We work closely with Sovereign Housing who are responsible for most of the Social Housing in the area particularly around any Safeguarding issues for any vulnerable members of the community, we will also work together to tackle any Anti-Social Behaviour and neighbourhood issues.  The team have worked hard and issued a number of Community Behaviour Orders to individuals who have committed a number of offences, these have been very impactive and helped to reduce demand and seen an improvement in their behaviour.


****************** CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) RESPONSE ******************

With the current situation, we are focusing our efforts on high visibility patrols in key areas. We will be challenging people we come across in line with Government legislation along with supporting the most vulnerable within our communities. Please follow Government guidelines and advice from the NHS to help keep yourself and others safe



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As your local Neighbourhood Policing Team we are continuing to police toward our local priorities and targets, despite the current situation. We would normally be holding face to face engagements with our communities to help us build a better picture around what our local community priorities should be. We are keen to continue harnessing your community concerns to achieve this. Therefore we have created this quick online survey to help us make an inform decision around our NPT local priorities. Please see the attached link which will take directly to our, (very quick) survey. 

?Due to current government guidance and staffing restrictions, there will be some disruption to Station Desk Services. Hours will be reviewed regularly based on required COVID control measures and staffing availability. Thank you for your patience and understanding.                    

Please note we have adjusted our opening times in MARCH 2021 on the following dates below: 

Service runs from 0900-1730 on all dates in MARCH with the below exceptions:

  • Mon 01.03.2021  0900-1300 /Closed for meal break/ re-open 1430-1700 
  • Tue 02.03.2021   0900-1300 /Closed for meal break/ re-open 1430-1700 
  • Wed 03.03.2021  0800- 1800
  • Fri    05.03.2021  0800-1800
  • Wed 10.03.2021  0800-1730
  • Mon 15.03.2021  0800-1730
  • Tue 16.03.2021   0800-1800
  • Wed 17.03.2021  0800-1800
  • Mon 22.03.2021  0800-1800
  • Tue 23.03.2021   0800-1800
  • Thu 25.03.2021   0900-1800
  • Wed 31.03.2021  0900-1800

Regular Station Desk Office hours @ BOURNEMOUTH are Monday - Friday 0900-1800 hrs and Saturday & Sundays 0900-1730 hrs. Bank Holidays 0900-1730 hrs.

Normal policing patrols will continue to be provided when the Station Desk is closed and alternative contact can be made using the online reporting services on our website, email to or via 101 for all non-emergency matters. 

When life or safety is at risk always dial 999.

  • Telephone: 101
  • Email:

Christchurch East neighbourhood policing team

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About this neighbourhood

Christchurch East NPT is the Dorset Police Neighbourhood Policing team that covers Christchurch Town Centre, Central Christchurch, The Grange, Mudeford & Highcliffe areas of Christchurch.

The force responsible for policing and crime prevention in this area is Dorset Police.

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