HA-YAAAH! There’s plenty of high kicking dance action at Pavilion Dance this weekend.

With hip-hop, French, Indian and contemporary performances and dance classes, not to mention family friendly martial arts workshops, talks and free performances running from April 2 to April 5.

Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth’s new national dance centre, will be buzzing with activity as French and Indian choreographers and dancers arrive on the South Coast as part of two international cultural exchanges.

The artists will perform a variety of exceptional pieces, including several UK premieres, and lead professional masterclasses and workshops for dancers of all ages and abilities.

Artists from National Choreographic Centres in Caen and Le Havre are performing at Pavilion Dance as a result of DanSCe Dialogues, a two-year cultural exchange focusing on the development of a long-term partnership between South West England and Normandy in the field of contemporary dance.

The UK-India Connecting Through Culture exchange with also see artists from the Attakkalari Centre for Movement performing and teaching the Indian martial art, Kalari Payattu.

The Indian dancers will be demonstrate their own choreographed duets and solos and leading classes, all of which culminates in a packed programme of activities for a local audience.

Kate Castle, Executive Director, Pavilion Dance and Dance South West, says: “We are proud to be hosting our global neighbours in such a unique partnership as it has resulted in learning opportunities for our professionals as well as superb performances for our audiences.

Working with such collaborators helps put Pavilion Dance firmly on the cultural map.”

Afternoon and evening world-class performances take place around a packed activity programme for all ages and abilities that include martial arts lessons, Contemporary and Classical dance, as both the French and Indian artists will be leading professional masterclasses, talks and performances and family friendly workshops.

Full details can be found at www.paviliondance.org.uk.