Emma Joseph chats to singer/songwriter, producer and TV presenter Jane McDonald ahead of her forthcoming date at Bournemouth's Pavilion Theatre

Q. Tell us about the latest tour – what can audiences expect from this show?

A. This show is wild! It's full of emotion, laughter, tears and it's a great night out, and that's just for me and the band. It's the best fun I've ever had on tour and thankfully the fans love it which is why we've extended it by 14 nights.

Q. The show is called Making Memories – what memories of yours inspired it?

A. I have so many great memories and a few I'd like to forget, just like every member of my audience, but I believe life is about making as many as you can. I like to live every day as if it's my last. (One day I'll be right!)

Q. You also sing Memory from Cats – what was it like to play the part of Grizabella?

A. After playing Grizabella in Cats I just had to put Memory in the show. Every night singing the most iconic song in musical theatre was an honour. I can honestly say playing that part was a joy from beginning to end. I made some lifelong friends from that production. It really is a highlight in the Making Memories show.

Q. How did that collaboration come about?

A. I was supposed to be taking a year off due to my hectic schedule (I had just done a run of 90 shows) but about a week into my time off my agent received the call from The Really Useful Group to ask me to audition, so off I went to London and the rest is history.

Q. When you’re not on tour or planning a show, what else are you working on?

A. I'm always planning the next show/tour! I'm already in production meetings for the next one but I'm also a songwriter, producer, recording artist and a TV presenter which I work on alongside everything else. I'm in the middle of recording my new album at the moment.

Q. When you’re not on tour or planning a show, what else are you working on?

A. I like to collapse in front of the TV like everyone else and watch box sets and all the great things I've missed while I've been away. With a cup of tea of course.

Q. Going back to the beginning of your singing career – had you always wanted to be a singer? Did you enjoy singing as a child?

A. As a child I was learning piano at seven years old. I loved music and it was a wonderful companion for me. I reached grade seven at the London College of Music before changing to singing lessons where I trained in opera. My only problem was stage fright, nerves and being painfully shy. Hard to believe when you see me now.

Q. You shot to fame on The Cruise – did you ever dream that a job on a cruise ship would lead you to where you are now?

A. My goodness me no! I loved my job on the cruise ships and to be honest I thought I'd made it. I was travelling the world on luxury liners and singing to lovely people on holiday.

No one could have predicted that a docu-soap nearly 20 years ago would have had that much impact. I'm eternally grateful for every wonderful thing that has happened to me and is still carrying on to this day.

Q. What’s next for you?

A. This is an extremely exciting year for me, I have my album coming out of all my own songs, I'm also filming a lot more TV but my favourite part is being on the road with my amazing band and singers and seeing the fans. That's what it's all about. I can't wait!

Q. Do you have any more ambitions you would like to fulfil?

A. So many, I believe if you ever reach your goals you haven't set them high enough. I want to continue with everything that I'm doing right now for as long as I possibly can. I'm living the dream and loving every minute.

Making Memories is packed full of phenomenal songs and arrangements featuring Jane’s exceptional musicians and singers. Jane will be performing Memory after receiving five star reviews for her performance as Grizabella in Cats the musical.

The tour arrives at Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre on Sunday, June 4. More information and tickets available from jane-mcdonald.com/shows or bic.co.uk.