A MONTH'S worth of performance, has many months of preparation in the build up to a Christmas performance.

The Little Match Girl is a Christmas show, inspired by Hans Christian Anderson, coming to Shelley Theatre on Sunday, December 10.

Actor and producer, Sidney Robb from The Last Baguette Theatre Company told the Daily Echo: “We wanted to put on something dedicated for Christmas, but had a deeper meaning that could resonate with everyone in the audience.

“This year, myself and the team, have read a lot of fairytales and stories and everything came back to this particular tale.

“It centres on a little girl struggling through the winter cold, in London. The story follows her throughout the day as she encounters the many characters of the city streets.

“Whilst there is a serious message, the whole focus is fun that really gets to the heart of Christmas.”

Sidney is looking forward for the performance to start from 1st December. The build up is about to enter the final stages prior to the tour. “We cannot wait to share this with everyone who comes. Looking at the fantastic set that is built, the puppets that come alive and the costumes that are currently being sewn, it adds up to the festive anticipation to reveal to everyone.”

With the tour about to start, the sense of Christmas and togetherness goes beyond the show. Sidney added, “I am looking forward to spending a dedicated month with what will become my extended family. There are four actors and one technician, the sense of connection is something that resonates with us all at this time of year.”

The Little Match Girl comes to Shelley Theatre on Sunday, December 10. To book your ticket, visit shelleytheatre.co.uk or call 01202 413600