BOURNEMOUTH playwright and filmmaker Steven Murphy has almost completed his second feature film, My Saviour. The former bouncer emerged from the local arts scene in 2009 with his debut play Doorways that was based on his 20 years experience of working on the door.

This was made into a film last year and is currently awaiting a distributor, after Steven worked tirelessly to secure funding that even included entering a cage fighting tournament for a prize of £5,000.

It was while editing his last project that he wrote, acting and made his new film, My Saviour.

“The trailer is getting a great response from distributors such as Warner Brothers who wish to see it upon its completion, which is about three months away and it will go off to The Sundance Film Festival,” says Steven Murphy.

The passionate filmmaker is now looking to raise money to complete the film and is offering drama and film making classes.

“I want to be able to offer classes and assistance to young people and anyone who has a dream that they never realised. Or for young people who don't have the opportunities like me to go to drama school or to some expensive course.

“Drama and film making shouldn't be for those who can afford it, it should be for anybody with a passion,” Steven added.

: For more information please contact or 07873590550 and trailers to both films are available at at