STEPHEN K Amos will arrive in Bournemouth hoping for a better hotel experience than on his tour so far.

Here at Later we were lucky to find the London comic in an “agreeable” mood in Norwich after he had a bit of a struggle extending his stay and had to move rooms.

So what was wrong with room 217 then? We asked.

“I wanted a later check out so I did that thing of ringing down saying ‘can I extend the day here’ and she was like ‘ooh we’ve got a new booking of 30 people’.”

Amos went off in a ‘huff’ but after he discovered on the internet that they did have rooms it turned out that only his current room was booked.

“I was given another room but when I went in there the iron was hot and you could see the outline where someone had just got out of bed,” he added.

“So then I said to the hotel ‘just give me your suite’ and they were like ‘here you are sorry’.”

Amos is stopping off at the Pavilion tomorrow night on the tour of his show The Spokesman.

The show is called that as though he would never dream of being a spokesman he appoints one during the course of the performance as part of his audience participation.

He said: “I like to involve the audience so that every show is different but there are specific elements, I don’t just talk to them for the sake of it.

“There’s a section where we ask about role models and compare generations.”

Amos also works in television and radio and won a Royal Television Society Award for his 2007 documentary “I did the documentary because I knew someone who had been killed in a homophobic attack.

“That was my impetus to speak out but I was then asked to appear on all these programmes, current affairs shows and Newsnight and so on and be a spokesperson.

“Well, I said no; there’s more to me than that.

“I don’t want to be defined as a black gay comic.”

Despite his insistence that he could be a spokesman Amos does address serious issues including sexuality and hypocrisy through his comedy.

“I do go into serious territory,” he said.

“I’ve stumbled into being known as having this feel-good factor. But if you listen to what I’m talking about there are some very serious issues in there.

“All I do is discuss them with a smile on my face.”

Stephen K Amos appears at Bournemouth Pavilion tomorrow.