A NEW musical stage version of A Christmas Carol is promising to get everyone in a festive mood this week.

Talkwood Productions’ new take on the Charles Dickens classic has all new songs and mixes old and original dialogue.

Joshua Sills, director and co-script adaptor said the show will “definitely” get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

He said: “It’s a daunting prospect to make adaptations of such great works, and especially in the case of Dickens, but we hope Dickens’ fans will appreciate the effort we have gone to stay true to his novella.

“As huge Dickens’ fans ourselves we really wanted to add to the storytelling of this masterpiece of a book rather than attempt to alter or change things.

“I think Dickens’ fans will really enjoy it. We hope so.”

Joshua worked on the adaptation with Stephen Leask and said it stays faithful to Dickens story with dialogue taken directly from the book.

He said: “We have tried to capture the magic of Christmas with the show, whilst emphasising the themes that Dickens’ intended such as Christmas spirit, redemption and free will.”

A Christmas Carol was first published in 1843 and has become one of the best-loved festive stories told through films and stage productions.

On the night before Christmas Ebenezer Scrooge’s lonely and money worshipping ways are brought to a head by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

Among the host of colourful characters used to show him the error of his ways are Bob Cratchit and of course Cratchit’s poorly son Tiny Tim.

The new score features more than a dozen original songs written by brother and sister duo Patrick and Jessica Rufey.

“The music has a traditional musical theatre feel that features some beautiful melodies and both touching and dramatic underscoring,” Joshua added.

“Every song moves the story forward so the dialogue and music work harmoniously together, complimenting each other and contributing to the story and emotional journey.”

The Pavilion stage will feature a split level set for outside and interior scenes.

The show also features a “simple but clever” special effect for the ghost of Christmas yet to come.

Joshua added: “Its been a fantastic production to work on and I really hope people enjoy it as much as we all have working on it.”

A Christmas Carol is at Bournemouth Pavilion from Thursday to Saturday, November 28 to November 30. There is a matinee and evening show on the Saturday.