Type in any person, company or thing and the YouGov Profiler tells you, with the help of swishy animated infographics, a whole lot about its fans or customers – age, location, hobbies, political views, even favourite foods and films.

Fans of Apple, for instance, are mostly 30-something women who live in London and work in media.

They like cycling, eating halloumi and watching The Great British Bake Off.

As a 30-year-old, female, London-based, halloumi-loving, Bake Off-aholic journalist who cycles to work, I have to agree that it’s pretty accurate.

Having said that, YouGov admits that the web-based app isn’t meant to show the “typical” person.

“If it did, most groups would look very similar, and you wouldn’t learn a lot about the specifics of a particular thing,” says Freddie Sayers, director of YouGov Online.

Instead, the pollsters compare each group to the natural “comparison” set. So fans of TV series Breaking Bad are weighed against general TV watchers, the outcome showing what is “particularly true” about fans of the American narco-drama.

Some of the results are still pretty obvious. Fans of Michael Fassbender, for example, are mostly female and they like going to the cinema. But they also tend to agree that “across history, religion has done more bad than good”, not a statement that you would immediately associate with the Irish actor.

It makes you wonder how corporations could use the data to their advantage.