IF you’re on Facebook, and 1.3billion of us are, you’ll probably have had at least one person in your news feed drenching themselves in ice-cold water to raise money and awareness for charities such as the UK’s Motor Neurone Disease Association.

If Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg is right, in the next five years the majority of what you see in your feed will be video content.

Answering his first Q&A session earlier this month he told listeners “Like it or not, that will probably be the case, the ubiquitous smartphone has made capturing moments a synch and we just can’t help ourselves record things, once upon a time it was a diary, postcard, photos and now is rapidly becoming video.

Other online video sharing services suggest the trend will continue; the inexorable rise of YouTube now sees 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, with over one billion users watching clips each month.

Twitter acquired micro video sharing service ‘Vine’ in 2012 and plans to make native video sharing active in early 2015.

There’s a little bit of me that feels even though we record and share all this stuff, there’s not enough hours in the day (and night!) to watch it and, maybe more importantly do we really want to?

Another question fired at Zuckerberg was about information overload, how on earth can one person deal with all this stuff?

His main answer was that FB is working hard to tailor the feed to become more like a personal newspaper that drives content based on your previous interactivity with the site.

So, if you’re a video zealot you’ll get more videos in your feed but if you like good ol’ words only you’ll see more of that.

That’s all good but relies heavily on ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ to build your historic profile up, so what about you lurkers?

Luckily that’s covered too with a more manual approach being developed allowing you to fine-tune your news feed based on media type.

Watch your space.

Luke Sanderson of Lukes.co.uk