IT wasn’t the kindest night of the year for two ladies to venture out – a Tuesday with the weather forecast at amber warning.

So entering a quiet restaurant with just two other diners was not ideal, but we were thankful for a pleasant table by a radiator at the recently re-opened LB Bistro in Wimborne.

A Groupon Voucher, (£29 for two, valid any night of the week for starter and main course with a glass of wine), was half price and seemed a bargain. But I was disappointed when I initially made the booking to be told they were no longer accepting vouchers at the weekend because they’d been inundated with Groupon bookings – Tuesday would have to suffice!

My friend and I both ordered soup as there were several unusual varieties to choose from. My choice of sprout and chick pea was delicious, just the right consistency with chick pea dominating the flavour and my friend’s cauliflower and apple had soft pieces of apple giving it a fruity bite.

You couldn’t fault either soup, but the bread served alongside was disappointing; a lump of white bread, appearing to come from a supermarket, with a blob of butter on top.

The glass of Tempranillo wine included in the meal deal was acceptable, but I was glad I decided to upgrade and pay extra for the Shiraz with my main.

The belly pork was beautifully tender, with a wonderfully decadent layer of crackling and my friend was extremely impressed with her beef which was served with a silky smooth red wine jus, honey glazed carrots, crunchy red cabbage and dauphinoise and onion gratin.

The service was attentive, drinks arrived promptly and when an imaginative dessert menu arrived, we both decided to indulge.

Baked figs with orange zest, honey, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream was my choice and was just that – figs and ice cream, leaving me envious at my partner’s dessert of poached egg whites with cream, caramel and toasted almonds.

It looked and tasted stunning – fluffed out like a ballerina’s tutu and we almost expected to see a pair of ballet shoes underneath! Crunchy, soft and sweet, it was truly scrumptious.

Coffee was average – served with a bland cellophane wrapped caramelized biscuit, rather like what you’d expect from coffee served on a train.

LB deserves to be congratulated on offering food combinations which push the boundaries, although not to everyone’s palate. Food quality was good, but the presentation and detail needs to be improved upon to justify the price tag.

This is an independent review by a reporter without the cooperation of the establishment.

My LB Bistro bill:

Groupon Meal Deal Voucher for two courses £24 (would normally be £51.40 without voucher)

Extra glass of Shiraz £5.80

Two coffees £4.50

Poached egg white dessert £4.95

Baked figs dessert £4.95

TOTAL: £44.20 (£71.60 without voucher)