RIVER Cottage HQ will welcome self-taught chef and renowned food writer Melissa Hemsley to celebrate the launch of her new book, Eat Green with Melissa Hemsley.

On March 13 at River Cottage HQ, which is near Axminster on the Dorset/Devon border, 64 people can enjoy a globally-inspired feast with the regular Vogue columnist and River Cottage’s executive head chef, Gelf Alderson, and head chef Dom Moldenhauer, who have collaborated with Melissa.

Melissa is a food activist and sustainability champion who is passionate about spreading feel-good food.

She said: “Feel-good food for me is food that not only tastes delicious, it’s food that nourishes our bodies, food that’s grown with the seasons and with respect for the people who grow it. It’s food to be enjoyed and shared and it’s food that is used to its full wholesome, nourishing potential with nothing wasted.”

Join Melissa and the River Cottage team for a feast inspired by Melissa’s love of India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as countries closer to home.

The evening will start with a cocktail and canapes before dinner in the 18th century threshing barn where Melissa will share news of her latest projects and her new book before enjoying multiple courses based on recipes from Melissa’s new book, which focuses on vegetables as well as meat, fish and dairy. Coffee and petit fours will draw the evening to a close.

For more information and tickets, visit rivercottage.net