IF you like cooking stuff over hot coals, you'll love 'king of the grill' Christian Stevenson, aka DJ BBQ.

The former telly presenter-turned-fire chef and foodie YouTuber has more than 175K subscribers and stars on Jamie Oliver's Foodtube channel too, so he must be grilling something right.

You're most likely to stumble across him on the festival circuit, DJing as he smokes, grills and expertly singes everything from octopus and spatchcocked chickens, to oysters and cauliflower. Here's our verdict on his latest fiery cookbook...

The book: Fire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook by DJ BBQ

Who will love it? People who think that during summer, food should solely be cooked outside, over hot coals. Also, anyone who can handle a couple of veg skewers and a few sausages on the BBQ, but wants to start upping their grill game with smoking, straight-on-the-coal cooking and experimenting with low and slow roasting on the barbie.

What is it trying to get us cooking? What's immediately obvious is that this isn't just a book for meat eaters. Sure, you've got your marinated chicken wings, tender pulled pork and beef burgers stacked high with molten cheese and crispy shards of bacon, but in fact, it's often the veggie sides and fish dishes that win on pizzazz. Soupy beer steamed clams, a green slaw spiked with pear and fennel, DJ BBQ's signature dirty onions (whole roasted on coal), grilled halloumi burgers with smashed avocado, and the crab cake sandwich bejewelled with corn - they all appear way more exciting than a standard skewer and a hot dog.

How easy is it to use? It depends what skill level you're approaching it from. If you're a seasoned barbecuer, you'll be away without too much faffing, but if you're brand new to fire cooking and are used to gas barbecues, thoroughly read Christian's intro, which breaks down the kit you'll need, they types of heat you'll be using and why you always need to rest your meat. Plus, he's included his ultimate cookout tunes to get you in the mood.

The best recipe is... The dirty loaded lobster rolls - yes, they're pretty extravagant for a barbie supper, but these ones, cooked flesh side down straight on the coals, look ridiculously delicious.

The recipe we're most likely to post pictures of on Instagram is... The prawn tacos with grilled watermelon salsa - they just look so zingy and summery.

The recipe we're least likely to try is... It may look excellent, all that flaky, coppery-coloured flesh, but the orange smoked trout requires a whole trout, a proper smoker and orange wood chips - that's a lot of planning for one meal.

Overall rating: 8/10 - there are no puddings!

Fire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook by DJ BBQ is published by Quadrille, priced £15. Photography David Loftus. Available now.