Whatever your Christmas pudding requirements, the high street's biggest stores have got you covered this year. From traditional to glitter-covered and puds with a twist, there are so many delectable delights to choose from.

Here are our favourites.

For the luxury lovers: Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas Pudding, £7.99, Aldi in-store only.

Aldi's golden topped pudding is about as indulgent as Christmas pudding gets. It contains a plethora of tasty ingredients, including a mix of stout, port, brandy and orange liqueur, not to mention cherries, pecans and even a sprinkling of golden glitter sparkle. That glitter feels, dare we say it, a tad frivolous. But its gloriously rich, almondy taste screams Christmas. It's particularly good with a touch of ice cream to take the edge off.

Our verdict: 8/10

For the adventurous: Heston from Waitrose Persian Spiced Christmas Pudding, £14, Waitrose.

Supermarkets adding a 'twist' to traditional Christmas fare is risky business, but Heston has helped Waitrose pull a blinder here. This middle Eastern marvel contains pistachios, apricots and pomegranate liqueur wrapped around an oozing honey and rose-butter centre. The liquid centre negates the need for cream, although it makes a perfectly good accompaniment if you so choose. If you want to polish off your celebration with a bang, this will certainly impress your guests. Not only does it taste divine, but its copper coating stands out from the other Christmas puddings.

Our verdict: 9.5/10

For those who've eaten too much Christmas dinner: Taste the Difference, 18 month matured cognac laced Christmas pudding, £8, Sainsbury's.

Despite the inclusion of cider, cognac, sherry, brandy and rum, this is not a Christmas pudding overpowered by any one element. Rather, this was a pudding with a rich flavour but excellent balance, being not overwhelmingly nutty, not over-saturated with fruit, and with a subtly bitter aftertaste that left a tang of Christmas in the mouth. Perhaps most importantly, this was a pudding that didn't leave you feel as though a bag of cement was solidifying in your stomach afterwards - it's a rare thing to find a Christmas pudding light enough to eat a proper portion of, but filling enough to send you comfortably into an afternoon snooze on the sofa.

Our verdict: 8.5/10

For the booze hounds: Specially Selected Exquisite Vintage Pudding, £9.99, Aldi in-store only.

First of all, prizes for the best packaging go to this pudding - your relatives will be very happy if you turn up with this cloth-wrapped, ribbon bound beauty. A traditional pudding made from an old family recipe, if you want a boozy pud to knock your socks off, this is the one for you. Laced with cognac, it packs a punch while melting in the mouth.

Our verdict: 8/10

For the traditionalists: 12-month matured Christmas pudding, £2, Waitrose.

The strength of the Remy Martini and Champagne cognac in this pudding is unmistakable - right from the first tear of the plastic film, but it does not overpower you. This dessert offers up a gelatinous texture, a combination of the fruits and jellied peel which, after a while, can be overwhelming. But the gritty crunch of the pecan nuts firms it up enough to create a pleasantly festive mouthful, and it pairs very nicely with fresh custard.

Our verdict: 6/10

For the connoisseurs: 12 month matured Vintage Christmas pudding, £14, Marks & Spencer.

A perfect combination of fruits and booze, this pudding cries out for cream or brandy butter to polish off your meal. Matured over 12 months, it is sticky, boozy and will keep you coming back for more, even if you are full to the brim with turkey. A pleasure to set alight for the full Christmas pudding effect.

Our verdict: 9/10