IT was as if we had walked on to the film set of the classic '80s film Cocktail.

The only difference was that our bartender's name wasn't Tom Cruise and he probably wasn't even born when the film was made in 1988.

His name was Rick and he was from Lithuania. But what Rick lacked in Hollywood kudos, he certainly made up for with his mixology skills.

For Rick is one of the bartenders at Bournemouth's newest cocktail bar, Be At One in Richmond Hill, which opened its doors this week.

And he is certainly a master of his trade. Not only can he create a mind-numbing array of cocktails (everything from classics like margaritas and strawberry daiquiris to the Zombie) he can also spin glasses, bottles and an assortment of ingredients around his head while keeping his customers entertained with good banter.

Apparently each bartender undergoes ten weeks of training at a cost of £6,000 each to ensure they give guests the best possible experience while preparing their drinks.

The company has also invested £500,000 into the Richmond Hill site which has seen many changes over the years starting out as an illicit drinking establishment, then a mysterious hotel, an office development as well as being home to other bars and clubs such as Lola Lo and Kukui in recent years.

There is a real energy about the place and the music is excellent too - every so often the staff leap on to a bar stool or nearby table to dance.

It's one of those places that you can't fail to leave in high spirits and I don't just mean as a result of the alcohol!