WHEN it comes to tailoring a meal for someone with diabetes, 57 per cent of people across the region thought it would be too difficult, according to a new survey.

Now Diabetes UK wants to use the survey results to raise awareness that while having a healthy diet is an important part of managing diabetes, people with the condition can eat the same foods as anyone else.

In fact, the charity advises people with the condition to avoid food labelled ‘diabetic’.

Diabetes UK is launching Enjoy Food, a programme to help people with diabetes and their family to eat more healthily and includes recipes, nutritional information, as well as practical guides about shopping for food, meal planning and healthy swaps.

People can also order free information packs at diabetes.org.uk/enjoyfood

Phaedra Perry, Diabetes UK south west regional manager, said: “It is worrying that so few people would find it easy to tailor a meal for someone with diabetes, as it suggests that there is a common misconception that having the condition has to mean substantial changes to what you eat.

“The reality is that people with the condition can eat the same meals as anyone else.”

  • Tips include: A whole chicken costs about the same as chicken breasts, but you get more meals for your money. Remove the skin from chicken to reduce fat intake and roast with vegetables, slice into sandwiches and make soup with the leftovers.
  • Blitz over-ripe tomatoes in a blender and use in place of canned tomatoes in pasta sauces or on top of pizza bases.
  • Marinate chicken, fish, lamb, beef and mutton in chopped chillies, ginger, garlic and lemon juice and then simply grill or roast in the oven.

You’ll get all the great flavour without any salt, and a healthier meal because you’ve not fried it.

Add yogurt, paprika and tomato puree if you like it tandoori or tikka style.

Make ice cubes from watermelon or grapes to brighten up your sugar-free drinks.