DINING by candlelight under a star-studded sky, eating fresh, barbecued lobster on the beach, sounds like the stuff of foodie dreams.

But this was the reality for a small group of people who attended the first locally-foraged feast organised by Purbeck-based company Fore Adventure led by husband and wife team Dan and Jade Scott.

The couple used to run the Studland Sea School based at Middle Beach before re-branding six months ago.

Now they are hosting seasonal, Fore Afeasts, to showcase the wild food they have sourced from their surroundings.

Dan explains: “Everyone loves food and these days people care about where it comes from. We go foraging in the heathland and forests, we also take clients out in the kayaks to catch fish and forage for seaweed. Unlike fungi, you can’t go wrong with seaweed.

“There isn’t anything that can harm you.

“Sea lettuce, for example is good in salads, sea kelp is good if you dry it out and flake it on your potatoes and gut weed is perfect if you fry it up – it’s better than crispy seaweed.”

Seaweed was one of the key ingredients in their first organised outdoor dining experiences a few weeks ago.

Sitting around a wooden trestle table lit by candles and tea lights, we started with fresh mackerel fillets which had been cured with sea water then doused in white wine vinegar and a blackberry sauce.

Our main course was lobster which was perfectly cooked on a large charcoal barbecue and served with new potatoes and salad, followed by a stunning seaweed panna cotta drizzled with Jade’s homemade rosehip syrup.

Whether it was the stunning location, or the knowledge that every morsel was fresh and locally fished or foraged, but the whole dining experience was exquisite.

When Dan and Jade, who have two young daughters, aren’t foraging or fishing, they also organise an array of activities from kayaking to coasteering, bushcraft to beach school and wild food to wild camping.

Dan adds: “It’s all about the journey. We aim to get people to connect with nature through positive adventures and stimulating environments to enable them to learn and develop their relationship with the outdoors and with each other.”