BAKER Christine Willis wiped the floor at this year’s FreeFrom Food Awards with her gluten-free culinary creations.

Six years ago, Christine was a freelance graphic designer who enjoyed cooking.

After she was diagnosed as a coeliac she started experimenting with gluten-free puddings.

Christine said: “In 2007 I was invited by Giles Henschel, from Olives Et Al in Sturminster Newton, to take part in a food festival he was running.

“I wasn’t making products for sale at the time so I asked him what I could sell.

“He suggested a Christmas pudding that I had been making for family and a few friends for the past 20 years.

“I didn’t know how many to make, but produced 70, which I thought would be plenty.

“They flew off the stand and I sold out well before the end of the show!”

Christine started to make other puddings.

She also makes sweet and savoury tarts and a sticky toffee pudding.

She says: “My goal is to make interesting and tasty products that everyone can enjoy and everything is gluten-free!”

Here are Christine’s top tips on how to make a great Christmas Pudding.

1. It needs to be hand-made (all her puddings are handmade).

2. You need time and patience to mix all the delicious ingredients and then slowly steam to keep it moist.

3. Use plenty of good dried fruits.

Don't just stick to sultanas, raisins and currants.

My luxury pudding also has ginger, apricots and pineapple. My Rum & Ale has cranberries, apples, pears, prunes, figs, bananas, oranges and lemons.

4. Add a good drop of booze - you can use Cointreau, Rum, Brandy 5. And don't forget to make a wish!

Stir the pudding mixture three times and make a wish (every Christine's pudding has been given a Christmas wish).

To serve on Christmas Day, put the pudding on to steam just before you sit down for your main course.

Steam slowly rather than microwave so it does not dry up then serve with a dollop of cream and brandy butter and enjoy!