Susanna Reid told off Piers Morgan for calling her his “wife” after the pair got into a dispute about a bin.

Morgan irritated his Good Morning Britain co-host after he had the rubbish bin from under their desk removed.

Reid – who is the only one who used the bin – told viewers that the presenter had told her: “Why didn’t you do what any normal wife would do, identify the problem and then solve it?”

Susanna Reid and her boyfriend,Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish
Susanna Reid and her boyfriend, Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish (Adam Davy/PA)

Morgan described Reid’s retelling as “a sexist interpretation”.

He said: “Any normal wife who had a situation where something that she used exclusively was annoying her partner, would do what any nice, decent caring spouse would do and move an offending, irritating item.”

Reid replied: “I’ve got an idea of moving an offending, irritating item…”

She added: “Can I just point out, I’m not your wife!”

“You’re my TV wife,” Morgan hit back.

“You didn’t say TV wife!” Reid said.