This gruesome Halloween-themed confectionery could be described as both a trick and a treat.

For although these grisly creations looks hellish, they actually taste heavenly.

Whether it’s the warty witch’s ear, the bloodshot eyeball or rotten pair of teeth, it has all been sculpted out of the finest Belgian chocolate by Gillie Childs, a retired teacher who lives with her husband in Christchurch.

And Gillie says she’s very proud of what she calls her ‘ghastly body parts’.

“I like to be different – I can’t bear to be boring.

“Some people think it’s a bit gruesome, but I always say I’m just imaginative!

“I’ve always liked anything a bit quirky and I’ve always loved baking so it made sense to combine my two passions,” she explains.

“Last year when I launched my Facebook page, people asked if I was making anything for Halloween and rather than making all the usual boring things like chocolate witches or pumpkins, I thought I would do something a bit more gory and it went from there!”

But Gillie says her long-suffering husband still hasn’t got used to finding a severed finger or a set of decaying gnashers in the fridge.

“He says it gives him quite a turn first thing in the morning when he opens the fridge to make himself a cup of tea!” she laughs.

Most of Gillie’s grim concoctions take about half an hour from start to finish and everything is hand-painted with edible paint.

A set of rotten teeth costs £9.99 or £4.95 for half; two cherry eyeballs cost around £1.95 and you can snap up a severed witch’s finger for £2.95 or her warty ear for £1.95.

She adds: “Last year one local dentist brought several sets of the rotten teeth for her staff. One lady said she brought a set for her son and said if you don’t clean your teeth they could end up looking like this, which seemed to do the trick!”

But although Gillie has built up a large following through her Facebook page, The Chocolate Ear, she says she doesn’t want it to become a big business.

She explains: “For me this is just a hobby.

“I really enjoy it and find it a great way to relax.

“I wouldn’t want it to become a monster!”